CMS adoption by Rank
CMS adoption by Rank

This year's HTTP Archive’s annual "State of the Web" report #WebAlmanac is exciting. Looking at the top 5 Content Management Systems (CMSs) by rank and popularity, we find that WordPress has a higher adoption rate than any other – representing over one-third of “all” pages.

However, if we look at the Core Web Vitals Technology Report #CWV, we see how each CMS performs by metric. Only 5% of origins on WordPress experienced good #TTFB (Time to First Byte) in July 2021.

Considering WordPress’s large share of the top 10M sites, its poor TTFB could contribute to the TTFB degradation by rank #SEO. This is a sign that every CMS and framework must heed. The more we can set up smart defaults for performance at the framework level, the better we make the web, the easier it gets for developers. #webperf #perfmatters


Rami Zebian

CEO, LeLaboDigital

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